The Open Oximetry Project was created to improve the safety and accuracy of pulse oximeters in all populations. We recognize that many teams and sectors around the world are working on these issues and hope to build a Collaborators' Community of stakeholders from diverse disciplines, geographies, industries, viewpoints and populations, to prevent duplication of efforts, share knowledge, and accelerate progress.

Relevant Upcoming Events

Patient Engagement Advisory Committee Meeting, September 6, 2023

Advisory committees provide independent expert advice to the FDA on broad scientific topics or on certain products to help the agency make sound decisions based on the available science. Advisory committees make non-binding recommendations to the FDA, which generally follows the recommendations but is not legally bound to do so. Please see, “Advisory Committees Give FDA Critical Advice and the Public a Voice,” for more information.

2-Day Virtual Public Workshop to Enhance Clinical Study Diversity, November 29 and 30,  2023 from 10 am- 2 pm ET

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in collaboration with the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), is convening a public workshop to solicit input on increasing the enrollment of historically underrepresented populations in clinical studies and encouraging clinical study participation that reflects the prevalence of the disease or condition among demographic subgroups. Additional information about the public workshop along with registration details will follow in advance of the workshop. Subscribe here for further updates.

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Job opportunities

Administrative Assistant for Center for Health Equity in Surgery and Anesthesia– Work Study Student

We are seeking a work study student for an administrative assistant position for a maximum of 20hr/week at Mission Hall to support The Open Oximetry and other closely related projects. The student will work in collaboration with key faculty and staff members in CHESA.

Health Disparities Data Analyst

The UCSF Department of Anesthesia, Hypoxia Lab ( and the Center for Health Equity in Surgery and Anesthesia ( are seeking a full-time Data Analyst for a period of 12 months. The Data Analyst will support several studies in the hospital and human research laboratory to characterize the potential impact of skin pigment on accuracy of pulse oximetry and other medical diagnostic and health care wearables that may be affected. We are collecting vast amounts of diagnostics data, some using novel data collection methods. As part of the project we will be setting up robust data collection systems in the lab and the hospital settings as well as creating and managing an open access data repository for diagnostics device data. For more information on the position and to apply, visit the UCSF job portal.

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